Andrew Furmanski
Selected Works

Beyond Reflection
Role: Associate Lead Designer
Artist: Lawrence Argent
Curator/Build: UAP
Client: China Horoy Holdings
Location: Shenzhen, China
Year: 2017
Beyond Reflection is a 16-meter-tall stainless steel sculpture by Lawrence Argent in a sunken plaza at Uniwalk, a new mixed-use development in Shenzhen, China.

UAP collaborated with Argent on this landmark project, working on the development, fabrication, and installation of the work. The complex fabrication required multiple treatments to the material, with the body made from panel-beaten mirror-polished stainless steel, and the faceted head, claws, and tail made from welded mirror-polished stainless steel.

Inspired by the dragon, the legendary and symbolic creature of Chinese mythology, the dragon form emerges from beneath the ground, drawing in visitors for closer inspection. Animated with lighting and mist, the work creates a vivid and dramatic experience. The unique site allows the artwork to appear fluid and floating, with the body and legs of the dragon below ground and the head, back, and tail rising above, with claws clutching onto the balustrade.

“The dragon emerges formless, much like an apparition. Then, just at this moment in time, the fluidity of form merges into something recognizable. It is a moment.” - Lawrence Argent