Andrew Furmanski
Selected Works

Role: Senior Designer
Design: IMG3
Client: Qingdao Government
Location: Qingdao, China
Year: 2016
In 2012 the Dalian Wanda Group announced that it had struck a deal to buy the American cinema chain AMC Entertainment Holdings. At the time, this piece of news seemed inconsequential. However, two years later the Wanda Development Group would approach IMG3 with a project that could have never seemed possible: “Movie Metropolis,” a new entertainment district, a new island off the coast of Qingdao, recreational facilities, hotels, resorts, apartments, parks, and much, much more. All in all, an entirely new city district of Qingdao was built to rival the prestige and cultural entertainment capabilities of Hollywood.

Needless to say, there were thousands of people working on this project to make it a reality. Andrew’s role in this project varied. For the resorts and commercial developments, he was in charge of cultural elements, design, and communication with the client architect. For the waterfront and marina club, he conceptualized with the team, designing, and creating pieces that would eventually become part of the built design.