Andrew Furmanski
Selected Works

16 Tech Innovation District
Role: Senior Designer/Design Support
Design: MSP
Client: 16 Tech Innovation District, City of Indianapolis
Location: Indianapolis, USA
Year: 2021
The 16 Tech Innovation District is an urban innovation district being developed in the historic Riverside neighborhood of Indianapolis. MSP joined with SBP to design a new bridge spanning Fall Creek, linking the District with downtown Indy. MSP also led an entrance study, examining opportunities to enrich, connect to, and welcome neighbors through new public spaces.

MSP worked with 16 Tech to design entrances that would promote an open and porous border between 16 Tech and the historic neighborhood it is part of. Conceiving each entry as a node, amenity spaces that connect 16 Tech with its surrounding community, these entrances become neighborhood assets, providing a variety of services, connections, and activities for the use and enjoyment of the broader community. These entry nodes build off of 16 Tech’s planned public realm framework, established by the 2019 Masterplan. By carefully locating each node, they simultaneously pull visitors into The Central Green, the heart of the district, while also connecting outward to the broader Indy community.

MSP worked hand-in-hand with People for Urban Progress (PUP) and 16 Tech’s community engagement team, developing content for and participating in a series of events that promoted community voices to influence the design and strategies for advancing 16 Tech’s new bridge and open space network.