Andrew Furmanski
Selected Works

One Museum Place
Role: Associate Lead Designer
Curatorial team: UAP
Build: UAP
Client: Hines
Location: Shanghai, China
Year: 2019
A landmark development for Hines Asia in Shanghai, UAP worked with 1MP to vision, curate, design, develop and install a collection of artworks in the downtown business district of Jing’an in Shanghai, China.

Under the Guiding Vision of Reflect/Reinvent, the curatorial narrative for Hines One Museum Place takes inspiration from the vitality and place story of Shanghai’s historic JingAn District. Long celebrated as the cultural core of Shanghai, visioning revolved around the immersive journey through time and place; from Shikumen to Sculpture Park and finally to the One Museum Place development.

In Jingan, the connection to heritage is tangible. Created and nurtured by the stories and ideas of those that have lived and journeyed through it, collectively and perpetually giving it new life, anima, and character; a timeless evolving narrative. While maintaining the city’s vast memory and consciousness, JingAn also embodies a new bold, polished Shanghai. The public art collection for Hines One Museum Place seeks to visually illustrate that these walls between past and present are porous.

Reflect/Reinvent inspires a site-wide vision for Museum Place, in which contemporary art interventions are imagined to define the district, as well as complement the pioneering spirit of Hines as a key player in its growth. Through the curation of a strong regional artist selection, artistic interventions become a visual reflector of place, curated and culturally relevant for an iconic Shanghai locale.